Our family has been passionate about winemaking in the hills of Montecalvo Versiggia in Italy’s Oltrepò Pavese since 1890. We believe good wine emanates from careful viniculture and that wines should express their terroir.

We focus on making exceptional wines from Pinot Nero, Chardonnay, Riesling, Croatina, Cabernet Sauvignon and Barbera grapes. We care for our ancestors’ vineyard in an ethical manner, ensuring that each grape undergoes the least stress possible and is grown optimally in order to extract superb flavour and texture. Winery owner Ottavio Maria Dezza carefully monitors the wines himself as they age in the cellar, dedicated to crafting perfect blends.

Our region of Oltrepò Pavese is often called Italy’s best-kept secret. Winemaking began here over 2,000 years ago. Since, the region has become one of the largest wineproducing areas of Italy with a specialty in Pinot Nero and Spumante.

We welcome you to discover more about us and our wines. Salute!