Our Vineyards

Our Vineyards

We take care of our vineyards. Our working methods are based on tradition and involve the use of farming systems such as the classical Guyot and cordon which best integrate with the type of soil.

All our wine working methods are based on the respect of our vineyards and always aimed at protecting the land and environment.

Grapes Harvest

The grape harvest takes place in baskets containing from 18 to 20 kg of grapes. The grapes are gently placed in perforated baskets in order to minimize the stress to which the berries are subjected.

Thanks to this operations the berries preserve all the their characteristics.

The baskets are then transported to the winery where the grapes are directly placed in the press or in the crushing-stemmer depending on how the vinification is made, respectively, in black or red.

This working method allows us to have a greater control on fermentation. We are therefore able to obtain a wine that enhances all the typical flavors of every specific vineyard.