Our Philosophy

Our wine is our passion and we believe good wine emanates from careful viniculture, not tricky maneuvers in the cellar. We believe wines should express their terroir and we place the utmost importance on our ancestors’ vineyards, personally tending to them each and every day.

Our philosophy of creating the least stress for the grapes starts at the vine and continues through harvesting. Our techniques always respect the vines and protect the environment. We grow our vines using the traditional growing systems of Guyot (Cane pruning) and Cordon (Spur pruning), which offer excellent integration with their soil and exposure.

Once in the cellar, winery owner Ottavio Maria Dezza personally monitors the wines daily, tending to them with great attention to detail, always aiming to craft beautiful vintages.

We also believe in minimizing sulfites, adding only what is absolutely needed to protect the integrity and quality of the wine, allowing it to age respectfully.