Our History

The Dezza family began winemaking in Oltrepò Pavese in 1890, but the family’s roots in the area date back three centuries before. Three Dezza brothers moved from Spain to Italy in the 16th century. They were “hidalgos” – Spanish nobility – and arrived after the peace treaty of Cateau-Cambresis in 1559 between France and Spain, which left the Spanish in control of Italy for 150 years. The Dezza brothers found a spot in Oltrepò Pavese and settled there.

Pietro Dezza began the vineyard in 1890, with the founding principles of quality viniculture and respect of the land. Pietro was passionate about wine and culture. He made it his mission to produce wine based on Oltrepò traditions.

His love of winemaking and quest to produce fine wines was carried-on by his son Ettore. Ettore, along with his son Carlo, experimented with new solutions and techniques, managing to innovate while still respecting the family’s well-established winemaking traditions.

Dezza1890 is now in its fourth generation. Since 2002, Carlo’s son Ottavio has been devoting himself to the winery and has been running it on his own since Carlo’s passing in 2008. Ottavio has followed in his father’s footsteps, looking to innovate and expand the company, while maintaining one mission: a constant quest for the utmost wine quality.